Hello !

My name is Clélia. I am a french musician and author.

I create powerful sound experiences to reveal your magic.

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Welcome !

I am Clélia, a french musician, author, and creator of magical sound experiences.

I create extraordinary sound journeys that take you deep into your inner worlds. The magical sound atmospheres I propose allow us to find softness, confidence, power, and to reveal our beauty.

I have written several books published in France, where I teach the art of sound healing to over 2000 amazing people.

I have traveled all over the world, especially to India. Today I would like to offer my work in English to share it with my friends around the world.

My best friend Florian and my husband William help me daily to offer you the best experience possible.

I look forward to sharing wonderful sound adventures together,

With gentleness,

“Music is a revelation higher than all wisdom and philosophy.”

Ludvig Van Beethoven


By register here, you will receive a wonderful sound journey. It includes an audio files and an ebook about the elements.


Écrivez moi à contact@dugreenetdulove.com
ou via le formulaire contact : ici.

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